TWAP + MA crossover Study [Dynamic Signal Lab]

Dear TV'ers,

Hereby the study for the TWAP/moving average crossover, with taking profit options.
moving averages include: EMA , WMA , DEMA , TEMA , VAR, WWMA, ZLEMA , TSF , HULL, TILL

It is also possible to gradually take profit, using:
* minimum consecutive green/red candles
* minimum amount of green/red candles in the last 2-8 candles
* both of the above criteria

The slightly transparent green fill shows how much you are in profit from your entry point
The current default properties should be modified to make this strategy cost-effective, but typically 15 minutes and higher timeframes (up to 6hr) seem to work well for larger (top10 cap) crypto projects. Don't use this script for small-caps as it will get you rekt, due to wild volatility .

Additionally, you'll also be able to continuously take profit, making sure you lock in all those sweet profits. For backtesting: use the strategy version of this script

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