NIKKEI 225 - More Upsides to Go

TVC:NI225   日経225
Spent a decent amount of time working on Nikkei 225, which is one of my heaviest invested markets. In my opinion, there is certainly a great amount of probability it will crash, but I really don't see it coming in a short period of time.

On one hand, The USDJPY and DXY are probably implying more upsides to go, which in my opinion, would mean a strong economic recovery, which boosts the market even higher.

Realistically, the US stock market is already expecting 3 rate hikes in the year 2022, and with that taken into account, I really cannot come up with extra bad expectations, probably only inflation. However, if there is inflation the stock market would probably climb even more due to an increase in nominal value.

Because of that, I really don't see too much upside in the short term, at least in the first half of the year 2023. I am still holding my longs and would love to add more, and certainly would stay with my cash and be cautious maybe a half year later.

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