STV-ONE Indicator

Thanks for choosing us.
This is a multi purpose indicator not only for cryptocurrency but also FX, stock etc.
Hopefully you have a good trade and make your life better by this.

2 instructions
* Basic rules
- Use for 4 hour chart
- Buy sigh detected above cloud: Enter long
- Sell sigh detected underneath cloud: enter short
- Daily chart: Buy&4h : Buy=Enter long
- Daily chart :Sell&4h : Sell=Enter short

• For beginners
- Loss cutting : Set $100 from quoted price
- Secure the profit: Recommend frequently to secure profits as 20-25% of first $100 gained and set loss cutting on quoted price. “Safety first “

• For intermediates
- Besides the basic rules, enter long/short when candlestick gets yellow as heat zone detected.

# Note
This indicator is reliable but not perfect so when trading, you must analyze charts,decide and trade at your own risk.
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