Bottom finder v8_vis

Bottom finder script with adjustable RSI , found bottom prices for EOS and SNGLS. Works on most crypto coins. Generally price goes up after the blue spike indicator signal the bottom has reached. If you want to try it out, message me in comment section below. Bottom finder versions for gold , forex, stocks also available.
リリースノート: No change to script. Just updated chart to show Bitcoin. My Bottom Finder script aims to find the bottom of the trend so you can buy at the right time for the best cheapest price. Price generally increases after the buy signal generated by script. Longer periods generally produce bigger profits. This script can be linked to Gunbot or Autoview to buy.

Post request below for trial 1 week access. Also available Gold, forex, stocks version, check out my scripts page.
リリースノート: Description:
Bottom Finder is a Tradingview script that aims to find the bottom of the price trend based on past prices and market activity. It seems to work on both bearish or bullish market regardless. Works on all commodities: cryptocurrency, stocks, gold, forex. The purpose of the script is to track the market and find the best time to buy at the lowest price. The buy signal is alerted by the blue spike/triangle in the bottom of the chart.

How to use:
Simple to use. Go to tradingview. Add Bottom Finder script on your chosen commodity. i.e. BTCUSDT (bitcoin/tether in Binance). Select period i.e. 1hr default. Default RSI=45, change if required. Wait for blue spike to signal bottom of price trend has reached, price generally swings up after bottom signal. Refer previous performances/blue spikes. Gains vary, can be small to high. Alerts can be added if script is linked to Gunbot or Autoview. Otherwise manually you can track the coins and wait for blue spike.

This is a script, a tool, this is not financial advice. Use at your own responsibility.
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please can i have a trial of your script, thanks
can i try please?
Can i try it please
Hi can i try this? Thx
Could I please use this Thanks Ronald
Can I access this ??..
hi pro, i want to try it please thank you
This script is no longer available for free trial
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Hello does the script automatically find the bottom or someone type the specific coin, that was a question. Can i get the trial to see how it works.
hey can i take it for a spin?
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