MEGANEKO Signal R1 & G1

・Original indicator by MEGANEKO
・For swing trading indicator
・This indicator provides entry points of buy and sell signals.
・Evolution of sma , rsi and stochastics.
・I really recommend to use this in combination with MEGANEKO Signal J & K3.
・It can be used for various markets such as stocks, exchange, cryptocurrency, and futures .
・It can be used for various time ranges.

・Invitation-only script.

<Meaning of Signals>

R1 means REVERSE
G1 means Contrarian (Gyakubari in Japanese)

- R1.Long ..... shows Long signal

- R1.Short ..... shows Short signal

- G1.Long ..... shows Long signal

- G1.Short ..... shows Short signal

If you want to use this indicator, please access to the URL below

Thank you
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☆彡MEGANEKO Signal J&K3

☆彡MEGANEKO Signal R1&G1

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