[Strategy]Complex MA Deviation Rate Signal by MEGANEKO

This Indicator is SUPER upgraded script of Normal Moving Average Deviatin Rate.

As you know, Moving Average Deviation Rate is very powerful method when you take a position of Contrarian.

added Long and Short signal by Triangles by:
-OverShoot Signal
-ReturnMovement Signal

added std-third and std-fourth lines.
added colors between std-center line and the zero line.

Entry/Order systems are also built in.
- aleartcondition of Target -upper and -lower.
- Selector of Signals Triggered range.
- when one selected zero period of SMA interprets to make Normal MA Deviation rate of the other (Based) MA.
- Standard Deviation Line of -1,-2,-3,-4,-5,+1,+2,+3,+4,+5.

Other SUPER Features:
-Volatility LowCut Filter for Signals(both of Overshoot and ReturnMovement)
-MACD of Complex MA-Deviation-Rate and Cross alerts.
-CenterLine Slope Bullish/Bearish alerts.
-ON/OFF Switches of each features.

It is INVITATION ONLY for my friends of investments.

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