Short Selling BITMEX Alts (15min scalp strategy)

So this is a strategy i made for trading BITMEX alts on 15minute timeframe.

Works simply. You get sell signal when it is considered overbought and way too far from its mean -> the moving average. So you short it with that moving average as the target. Sometimes it goes lower, since the sell signal represents resistance area and average represents support and they act accordingly. Might break through, might bounce back to entry. So its safer to exit at support then pray on breakdown, its 15min strategy afterall.

There is no defined stop loss on this strategy. When i trade it i take risk/reward setup and my stop is calculated based on reward from entry to target. Usually its 1R or above that,usually i use price action for that purpose. if you trade it manually you have advantage, since signal gets confirmed on candle close, yet it could appear as soon as candle opens. So if you dont want any additional risks - wait for candle close and short it. If you want to gamble it - enter and average it up as it goes until you meet your risk limit.
Here is how it is inteded to be traded.

This strategy does not account for limit fees on bitmex, so it wouldnt be much practical to entry AND exit with market orders. As you can see in example, simple 1.5% move would lose 1/3 of its reward if you used market entry+exit.

This one works on :
All 15 minute timeframes. Plus it showes really good results in spot exachnges too, if you want to use as a tool to exit spot exposure (binance chart, same symbols).

Contact for free trial here or at (i post full perfomance on all pairs there)
Also check this strategies performance on BCHH contract on bitmex. Absolute banger.
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