Funding rate

I thought for a long time about creating a paid complex indicator, but in the end I settled on a simple one :) Indicators are needed for two things - to simplify the chart in order to see the current trend more clearly, or add information that is difficult to analyze separately from the chart.
This indicator is of just the second type - it is a guide indicator that visualizes the change in the predicted funding rate for a pair of BTCUSD on bitmex exchange. There is still a huge trading volume , so it reflects well the balance of sentiment between spot and derivatives traders. It is supposed to use on BTCUSD pair, but I noticed, that it works on every crypto pair, even on Alt1/Alt2 pairs.

So, how to use this indicator? I am using it as a trigger. A trend change at extreme values ​​in this indicator is a good entry point. Which way? It's up to you, but personally, I only trade with the trend :)

I provide access to this indicator only by subscription. PM me for more information.

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