Dankland Playground Moneymaker - V2

“version 2” of my playground bot script. Its essentially a powerhouse suite of strategies. Although it is similar to the previous script, it nets different results as sections have been changed. Such as the somewhat reluctant removal of the Chande Momentum... The RSIs have also been updated, this was one of the main changes. RSIS now include a Moving Average cross of RSI to generate signals above and below the given thresholds instead of simply on crossing a threshold. This should give greater functionality overall. Most functions including Moving Averages have been updated to include a wider range of kinds of moving averages. This includes not just the moving average cross, but MACD and RSIs as well. I tried to perform the same upgrade on the %B, Stochastics and SMI, but hit the unpacked code limit of 60,000 lines... So, more “versions” will have to come for future “upgrades”, with the recognition that there will be cases where the old, “downgraded” versions may perform better and that some people (like myself) may continue to use them on some markets until I/we devise superior settings on the new ones for said markets. For instance, instead of replacing my 1 hr BTCUSD bot (where I used the now deleted Chande to pretty pleasing affect...) I made a new one for LINKUSD 10 min so I can have both running for now and work on replacing the BTCUSD later.

How it works basically is this... you have 16 oscillators which can all be used as independently as you wish. They can be split up into different groups or ran all together.
When in separate groups they should not be able to sell eachothers positions without triggering a full stop loss by turning the Independence/Stop All switches on. Every single oscillator has its own entry and exit position sizing which can be stated as either a percent of balance or a flat amount of contracts (or both combined). Each oscillator has a minimum amount of profit you can tell it to sell it, which is calculated from the average cost of your current position, which does include all groups. This works out to help you average out better entry and exit prices, essentially a method of DCAing.
You can set the minimum sale amount, which is to keep it from placing orders below your exchanges minimum dollar trade cost.
All this functionality combined also ensures more accurate back tests by ensuring that the script simply cannot spend money it doesn't see as in the balance, whereas other scripts will use a percentage of equity, and once 100% of your equity is in BTC for instance, it will keep buying more BTC for free and thus spoof up backtest numbers. If you look through the strategies here, many people claim to have amazing scripts and then you look into it and this is happening and skewing their numbers. These people are either very ignorant or what they made or scam artists and trolls in my opinion.

This version also includes On Bar Close switches for each oscillator. When switched on, signals are only allowed to generate on Bar Close. This helps to prevent retriggering from live signals, which when you are running this many oscillators, will become a problem! However, in most cases, you do not need to generate signals intrabar, as backtests will show, ignoring intrabar buys and sells (intrabar stop losses can still be very important though!) won't exactly keep you from high profitability strategies, but rather, allowing elements of chaos from live indicators moving up and down intrabar will, in fact, drift your actual results further and further from the backtest. You want an accurate backtest though. So choose wisely when you turn these off and you will do better.

The included oscillators are as follows:
NO MORE Chande Momentum cross – REMOVED – I was hitting PINE code limits here so I had to make choices and this one simply had to go. Begone!
Moving Average Cross
MACD cross
%B Bollinger cross
Stochastic cross + region filter
Stochastic RSI cross + region filter
SMII cross and region filter
Three RMIs
Know-Sure-Thing line-cross
Coppock Curve line-cross
TRIX line-cross
RSI of MA w/ MA cross
RSI of MA of KST w/ MA cross
RSI of MA of Coppock Curve w/ MA cross
RSI of MA of Trix w/ MA cross

So the idea is that this is essentially multiple strategies combined into one backtestable house. Balance is calculated for all position sizes in order to try to prevent false entries that plague so many scripts ( IE , you set pyramiding to 2, each buy $1000, initial balance $1000, and yet it buys two orders off the bat for $2000 total and nets 400% profit because the second was considered free, happens on 90+% of scripts on Tradingview if you aren't very very careful!)

You tune each indicator and position size them so that they work together as well as you can and in doing so you are able to create a single backtest that is capable of running a bot, essentially, between multiple strategies - you can run a slower Moving Average cross, a faster SMI cross or MACD , or Bollinger that grabs big moves only, all the while having MACD trade small bonuses along the way. This way you can weight the Risk to Reward of each against eachother.

I will not try to claim this is something you can open and with no work have the best bot on the planet. This scripts intention is to take a lot of relatively common trading strategies and combine them under on roof with some risk management and the ability to weigh each against eachother.
If you are looking for a super advanced singular algorithm that tries to capture every peak and valley exactly on the dot, this is not for you. If you are looking for a tool with a high level of customizability, with a publisher who intends to update it to the best of his ability in accordance to seeking to make the best product that I personally can make for both myself and the community (because I will be using this myself of course!) that was specifically designed with the intention of performing well in spot markets by averaging low entry costs and high exit costs, this is for you! That is the exact intention here. It can certainly work with margin, but you will have to take extra care in setting your stop losses. I intend to make a version capable of going short which will be included as part of the package. It may take some work to keep all of the risk management working as well for shorts though. There will be more scripts added to the “package” as I hit the limit on this one a few times and have had to keep some ideas out already.

The current backtest shown is hand-optimized by myself for Link /USD 10min market (Binance US – shouldn't need much work to fit to other exchange markets) with multiple stop losses.
リリースノート: spring cleanin


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