Mercury's speed at 0.98 or 1.98 marks trend energy transitions

INDEX:BTCUSD   ビットコイン/米ドル
A Financial Astrology Research member "Ashok" recently suggested that based on George Bayer financial astrologer rules, the points where Mercury's in Geocentric longitude speed is 59 minutes (0.98 in decimal) or 1 degree 58 minutes (1.98 in decimal) seems to indicate major tops or bottoms in market prices. I felt curious about this rule so have extended our Mercury speed indicator to mark those points and plotted vertical lines to clearly validate if the rule has real predictive value. You can see in the chart that locating this points give us an intense planet energy transitions points in BTCUSD . Is really impressive how this speed points narrow down an important trend energy transitions which can be used to locate good trading opportunities.

However, once this rule is confirmed that works the question is: Why this speed values are important for determining the trend energy transitions? I'm researching to figure out why this is important, any hints will be appreciated. Thanks!

Is clear that last BTCUSD trend transition have occurred very close to this points so the expectation is that next major top will be reached at the next speed mark.

DISCLAIMER: This idea don’t provide financial or investment advice and the main purpose is to document the research observations within financial astrology field. Any allocation of funds following the documented machine learning model prediction is a high-risk endeavour and it’s the users responsibility to practice healthy risk management according to your situation.