#LSK LiSK 4hr bullish on MACD

BITTREX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Lisk #LSK is sitting inside an ascending channel which can definitely mean we are do for a correction so, but the 4hr MACD is bullish .

As long as the bottom line of the channel doesn't break then that's nothing to worry about.

Always set a stop loss

.......and 137k in the mid to long term should be a good entry point if you believe in the project.
コメント: Channel failed but found support on the aqua colored line i drew.

Expect the bottom trend the bottom trend line act as resistance and also the top aqua line. Good luck everyone #LSK
コメント: *Correction* Bottom Aqua line acts as support.

Bottom Yellow line now acts as resistance as does the top aqua line.


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