チャート予想 ドル円 5/18 2019年最強の足場サポート vs 4時間足のチャネルの上限&日足20日移動平均線

FX:USDJPY   米ドル/円

上は4時間足レベルのチャネルの上限 vs 下は2019年に108円〜111円突破の上昇を作るきっかけとなった足場サポートの年内で1番強いサポート106.860


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The top is the upper limit of the 4-hour level channel vs the bottom is the strongest support of the scaffolding support within the year that triggered the rise of 108 yen to 111 yen in 2019 106.860
Consider this as the upper and lower limits, but it is already difficult to trade because it is about 30 PIPS width, if you get a line break trick like a red circle, use the escape (loss cut) of the person who bought at breakout to make a short I will aim.

You can see on the chart that the yellow-green W bottom candidate that was made last Friday was bounced back because it could not exceed the high price, it was closed, there was no power to break through, so I will give up buying next week Or, I will look for the basis while watching the movement (* '˘` *)

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